International operations

Latin America

Itaú Unibanco has operations in eighteen countries outside Brazil, seven of which are in Latin America. For us, this region is our first priority for international expansion, given its geographical and cultural proximity. Our objective is to be recognized as “the Latin American bank” – the regional benchmark for financial services to individuals, businesses and other institutions.

We have expanded our businesses in Latin America in a sustainable manner. Our immediate goal is to grow in scale while maintaining the close relationships we enjoy with local retail markets and strengthening our links with local companies.

In Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, we serve the retail market, with a principal focus on commercial banking. In Peru we have an Itaú BBA representative office. We are gradually ramping up our operations in Colombia, focusing on banking activities with large companies and investment banking. An Itaú Unibanco brokerage has recently begun operations in Mexico.

Itaú Unibanco also has operations in Europe (France, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland), the United States (Miami and New York), the Caribbean (the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas), the Middle East (Dubai) and Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo). These global operations are designed principally to serve institutional clients, the corporate segment and private banking customers.

Our objectives in Latin America

Among our principal objectives is to further develop our operations in Latin America, especially following our merger with Corpbanca in 2016. The challenge we have set ourselves is to give our clients across Latin America the same quality of service that our Brazilian clients receive, adjusting our approach only as necessary to account for cultural differences and the varying size of local operations. As a result, we expect our efforts to yield gains in scale, efficiency and our brand’s regional positioning.

The diversification of our business has been reflected in the composition of our credit portfolio in recent years, a period when our focus has been on origination and on segments where the risk is lower and guarantees more robust. We are constantly working to develop new products and services that create additional value for our clients and diversify our sources of revenue. This diversification effort has been instrumental in driving growth in our pre-financial results, which depend principally on revenue from banking services and tariffs, as well as on revenue from our insurance operations and private pension and capitalization products.

Our presence

Itaú is an international bank operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, providing services in a wide range of business segments. Find us: