Itaú is the largest Latin American bank and one of the largest banks¹ 

on the planet, with approximately 96,000 employees and operations in 

20 countries throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. In Brazil, 

we have  nearly 5,000 full-service branches and 28,000 ATMs


Macroeconomic reports

Macroeconomic reports

Here you can read news, discover the latest market trends and follow emerging investment stories in Latin America. Our reports provide a political and economic perspective on the entire region, including its ever-increasing impact on the rest of the world. It’s valuable information for those investors who are always searching for inspiration and opportunity.

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Itaú Unibanco recruits top talent in leading MBA programs

Itaú Unibanco has kicked off our 2014 MBA Recruiting campaign at the world's leading universities. The bank conducted company presentations at universities in the United States and Europe, aiming to attract talented professionals aligned with "our way of making it happen" and are ready to think creatively. To apply and get more information about the program please

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Itaú Unibanco improves credit quality and closes 2013 with recurring net income of R$15.8 billion

Itaú Unibanco closed 2013 with recurring net income of R$15.8 billion, a 12.8% increase in relation to the previous year. The annualized return on average equity was 20.9%. This performance is directly related to the improvement in credit quality, as a result of higher selectivity in granting loans and higher growth in lower risk products, and to the focus on the larger offer of added-value services to customers and on cost control.

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